New Google Chrome Extension Streamlines Digital Grading for Teachers

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​EdTechTeam, the global leader in Google for Education training and innovative professional development, today announced a new product offering. CheckMark by EdTechTeam is a brand new Google Chrome browser extension designed to give teachers the ability to provide students feedback quickly and easily. When a teacher highlights text in Google Docs, an overlay pops up with quick shortcuts to frequently-added comments such as “Check spelling”, “Check punctuation”, or “Evidence needed”. CheckMark has comments related to grammar, concepts, citations, and more.

“At EdTechTeam, we love listening to teachers,” says Dr. Chris Craft, Director of Partnerships at EdTechTeam. “We’ve found the more we listen, the more we hear about certain pain points teachers encounter in the classroom. Several months ago, a teacher mentioned having difficulties creating an efficient workflow to provide students feedback on writing in Google Docs. This teacher uses Google Classroom heavily and provides students writing prompts by way of Classroom’s ability to send students their own copy of a document. The trouble came when she needed to help students through the process by providing rich feedback. She spent hours highlighting text, clicking the comment button, and entering feedback. She sheepishly told me she had reverted to having students print and turn in their work because marking with a red pen was simply way more efficient. I appreciated her honesty and at the same time, knew there had to be a better way.”

"At EdTechTeam, we love listening to teachers. We've found the more we listen, the more we hear about certain pain points teachers encounter in the classroom."

Dr. Chris Craft, Director of Partnerships

Checkmark by EdTechTeam eliminates the need to spend so much time typing the same comments over and over again, making educators more efficient and freeing them up to work with students more quickly. Through a library of canned comments, teachers simply highlight text in a student document and the CheckMark popup appears above the cursor. The teacher selects any one of the convenient abbreviations and a comment is inserted automatically into the document. CheckMark keeps track of just how many of each issue a teacher has found in the document to help determine areas students may need more help.

Future versions will incorporate additional languages and comment feedback formats. Discover  more about CheckMark by EdTechTeam at

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Source: EdTechTeam, Inc.